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Sorry [08 May 2004|09:45am]
Sorry to everyone looking for updates right now and wondering where I am and what's going on. I wish I could tell you that the reason I haven't been updating is because life is so wonderful and I've been to busy, sucessful and all (well, life is wonderful, so that much is true) but the real reason I've not been updating is technical problems. That's right, computer problems!
Anyway, I'm online elsewhere right now just to let you know whats happening and to say I appreciate all the mail I've recieved in my absance. I'm sorry, because of my computer problmes, I won't have time to answer ALL of them but I will try and answer as many as possible, so keep them rolling in. I might as well get a silver lining to this cloud...

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After the gig [11 Apr 2004|02:17am]
I can't describe it.
It was just...

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Playing tonite [10 Apr 2004|08:52pm]
Ok, this is a quick note because tonite is gig night and I really don't have time for a long ramble so I just want to say if you hit the Punk@Radio.FM website we have a new layout going on there, which is also why this journal has switched from white to black. I hope you all like what's been done there (if you do then show your appreciation by signing the guestbook there, every comment we get makes us remember what it's all about).
Well, that's it. I hope to update tomorrow to let you all know how the gig got on.
Wish us luck?

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Two Thank you's [08 Apr 2004|11:18pm]
I just want to quickly say thank you to everyone who has signed the guestbook at Punk@Radio.FM. Every comment makes us feel better and inspires us to carry on.

I'd also like to say thank you to everyone who has taken time out to listen to, or download our song. According to weblogs it's now passed the 1000 listners point which is awesome! You guys really are the best.

I hope to upload the next MP3 some time later this week so check it out and keep!

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Saturday Night [04 Apr 2004|08:35am]
As we walked on to the stage the sell out crowd of 100,000 went wild and the rest is history...

OK! Time to wake up now! The venue was compact but the atmosphere was electric. Even though it was a sell out at no more than a couple of hundred people it felt more like 100,000 and my feelings fluctuated between excitement and total fear. I was buzzing, I was flying, and the announcer was finishing his introduction.
We stepped up on the stage and began our set with "I don't" and, to my relief, it went down well. I'd been dreading that first song as the warm up band had... not warmed up the crowd and as we were waiting to go on stage it was obvious that they wern't ready to take much more crap.
Anyway, after "I don't" we rattled through the rest of our set before finishing up with "I'm Jesus Christ" and a cover of Dropkick Murphy's "Fightstar". The applause said we'd played a good gig, but like most of our gigs I'd sailed through on adreneline, you kind of go out there and something else takes over, you turn in to someone else and cruise the night. When you walk off stage you are high, but most of what has happened in the past hour feels like a dream and you have to struggle to recall it.
All that makes me wonder what if...?
What if we ever did walk on stage and the sell out crowd of 100,000 went wild...?
I don't think we'll ever be good enough to find out but it makes you think.

Next gig: Saturday 10th April (wish us luck!)


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Just a quick note [02 Apr 2004|07:17pm]
Just a quick note to say I won't be updating again until Sunday because we have a gig Saturday night.
Wish me luck?

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Listening to Punk@Radio.Fm [01 Apr 2004|12:52pm]
If your computer is not set up to listen to Punk@Radio.Fm through the normal link then try This Link which should play the song through your windows media player or Winamp player, or whatever player you use on your computer.
If anyone is still having problems after that please let us know and we will try and find a solution for you.
This shouldn't affect most users. Most peoples computers should be set up to use the flash player on the Website without any problems.

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Punk@Radio.Fm [01 Apr 2004|12:36pm]
If you are actually at the site, reading this, then click on listen and you can hear our latest track (and we have another 2 recorded and ready for upload soon).
If, on the other hand, you are reading this at LiveJournal then you really are missing out!
Go on, have some fun, visit Internal-Screaming or Punk@Radio.Fm. You'll find Videos to watch, games to play (well one game) tunes to listen to, bands to read about, and a chatroom.
Go on, Dive in!

(Make me smile...)

Foothills of Insanity [31 Mar 2004|12:32pm]
Silent thunder clap
as daylights fading
by a dark tear
oil black
without the rainbow patination
and a hairs breath
from insanity
but the sanity is there
amidst a whirlpool
frightening whirlpool
of yesterdays
and tomorrows

The silent chorus of fear
echos through the night
as it echos through the day
caught on branches
that overhang the way
dark and grabbing
dark and grabbing
and all the children laugh
in their innocence
and all the people cry
behind their wall
hidden from the wisdom
of another life
of another life

And am I experianced?
am I alive?
or have I sailed a wind
of invisible dreams
touched by the unreality
of my own reality
touched by the morning
of my own night
where atoms of thought
burst within the dawn
of my understanding
my phoenix journey?
circle of eternity?

Have I the right
to scream out loud
to send my pain
to heavens
to stratospheres
unlived by you
unlived by me
unlived by dreams?
Have I the right
to hope
with hunger
for a smiling face?

I have crossed a thousand oceans
sometimes sleeping
sometimes waking
within the tempest nightmare
sometimes clinging on for life
sometimes letting go
and riding fast waters
and eddies
that drift me beyond the realms
which I was born to die in
and no silver plated tear
can save me

And who am I
and tired
and weak
to try to grow
to try to live?
Do I have a right
to breath beyond my air
to breed beyond my cage
a battery hen
of mans design
for suplimation of a cracker farm?

How can I?
How can I?
How can I?

And every dream I ever saw
has faded
And every life I ever saw
has faded
And every light I ever saw
has faded
nowhere left to wander
no flag left to follow
no dream left to cling to
but insanity...

Welcome to the band that is Punk@Radio.fm

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